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Solanum lycopersicum


The fruits have a deep red skin when fully ripe which is slightly tougher than average. The tomatoes are on the large size, expect an average fruit weight of about 500g. The flavour is rich and the texture is dense and meaty.


Harvesting seed

If possible, allow tomatoes to completely ripen before harvesting for seed production.

To save seeds from tomatoes, squeeze out the pulp and seeds from the inside of the fruit into a container.

Leave the container to sit for at least one day in a warm (80-90 degrees F) spot out of direct sunlight so that the pulp can ferment. This process allows the tomato seeds to separate from the gelatinous coating that covers them. Viable seed will sink to the bottom of this mixture, and dead seeds will float.

When a small amount of mold begins to form on the mixture, pour off the floating solids and dead seeds and thoroughly rinse the sunken seeds in running water. (A fine mesh strainer is ideal for this step of the process.)

Once thoroughly cleaned, seeds can be placed on a screen or a coffee filter and left to dry for 5-7 days.

When completely dry store in an airtight container.


Additional Info

Seed viability
7 years
Nominal value
4 pence/seed